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LED Applications News
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Editorial: Guest Commentary: Sapphire Substrate Advances Lead To Brighter LEDs at Lower Costs
... The adoption of solid-state lighting is fueling market growth for high-brightness LEDs. It's a competitive market, and each manufacturer is looking for the keys to greater light output at a lower cost. In recent years, the most significant advance in cost per lumen has been the adoption of patterned...
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Welcome to your LED Applications news channel!

The opportunities presented by the increasing rapid adoption of high brightness LEDs, in all their forms and applications, represents nothing short of a "digital revolution" for a previously "analog" world. LEDs are having a substantial disruptive effect on a number of established technologies, and where there is disruption, there is an intense need for information.

LIGHTimes Online is here to serve the information needs of the LED industry supply chain, as well as integrators and non-architectural application solution providers with technology, product and market news updates for these rapidly evolving devices. Our readership also includes LED packagers, technology enablers and service companies seeking the the answers to how best to meet their customers' needs.

For architectural lighting and applications news of interest specifically to lighting designers, specifiers, and architectural lighting decision makers, along with luminaire designers, lighting system integrators and lighting subsystem developers, please visit our sister publication, Solid State Lighting Design.

SSL is booming and the 2011/2012 Summit Series is coming back to keep the message on quality

Launched in 2008, the SSL Summit will bring the quality story to New York City in October 2011, and then back to LA in March 2012. At every one of the Summit events, the feedback remains consistent: Just what we need, do it again soon. The Summit brings together lighting decision makers with industry thought leaders, pioneers, and innovators from the across the solid state lighting eco-system.

Continuing the tradition, 2011/2012 will continue to be all about quality, quality, quality. Showcase participants and sponsors are vetted to separate the wheat from the chaff (have your IES LM-79 test reports ready!). Last year's event in NYC included representatives of over 100 million square feet of developed property, and the one thing we don't want to leave out for 2011 is you! Look into the series information at www.SSLsummit.com for the details. Sponsorships are available for the full series.

I-94 Speedway Installs Daktronics Video Display
LIGHTimes News Staff

November 25, 2014...Daktronics based in Brookings, South Dakota, USA, installed a new video display for I-94 Speedway in Fergus Falls, Minnesota. Daktronics says that the new video display allows the track to get additional sponsorship revenue. Being one state away allowed for a quick-turn installation to get everything up and running at I-94 Speedway in fast order.

"I believe the new display has had an immediate impact at our race track," said Brent Eggen with I-94 Speedway. "We have been able to highlight past shows and run commercials for future shows to keep fans informed on what's happening. We were also able to attract new sponsors and have multiple sponsors shown in a single, highly-visible location. We have received very positive responses from our sponsors who like the flexibility of changing their messaging from week to week."

The video display installed at I-94 Speedway features 20 millimeter line spacing and measures approximately 8 feet high by 15 feet wide. It provides a large digital canvas for advertisers and sponsors to show their messages to a captive audience of race fans.

"We've had a lot of interest from fans and drivers in a new lap counter with either a top three or top five position scoreboard," added Eggen. "When you have 24 cars running 20-plus laps, it's tough to keep track of who's in what position."

The track placed a 5-position scoreboard with a horizontal layout, a lap counter, and a timer beneath the video display. The scoreboard measures 6 feet high by 20 feet wide and has 24-inch digit size that can be seen from the other side of the track.

"The fact that Daktronics was just right down the road from us a few hours away played a huge role in our decision," said Eggen. "Our display and scoreboard where ordered in the fall and installed in the fall, ready for the 2014 race season with no issues at all."

"Daktronics looks forward to supporting our friends at I-94 Speedway for many years to come," said Eric Cain, Daktronics regional sales representative. "I-94 Speedway is leading the charge for oval tracks throughout the country in finding innovative ways to engage and entertain their fans, fill seats and attract sponsors. We are very excited for the opportunity to provide the technology that allows them to do just that."

Cal Poly Partners with Daktronics to Update Arena
LIGHTimes News Staff

November 20, 2014...California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly) has partnered with Daktronics of Brookings, South Dakota, to install LED displays and tables at Robert A. Mott Athletics Center this fall in San Luis Obispo, California.

"These new video displays and LED tables add excitement and provide our fans a game-day experience we have never had at Cal Poly. And our association with Daktronics over the years has been very positive," said Cal Poly Director of Athletics Don Oberhelman.

A main video display, which features surface mounted RGB LEDs at 10mm spacing, was mounted at each end of the arena. Each display measures about 11 feet high and 22 feet wide. The 3-in-1 SMDLED package reportedly allows tighter pixel spacing and wide-angle viewing.

These displays are capable of showing live video and instant replays, but can also be divided into multiple sections to highlight timely statistics and scoring information, sponsor messages, and other graphics and animations.

Eight LED scorer's tables measuring 2 feet high by 9 feet wide with 10mm line spacing placed along the sidelines offer additional opportunities to show game information statistics and sponsor ads.

Eric Cain, Daktronics sales representative said,"This integrated system will deliver an outstanding game-day experience to every seat in Mott Athletics Center. We are excited for the major impact this video system has on Mustangs fans, sponsors and student athletes."

In addition to the equipment installation, Cal Poly received a bank of hours for content creation from Daktronics in-house creative team, Daktronics Creative Services, which will produce and deliver content at the request of the university.

Fujitsu Laboratories Develops LED Lighting Technology that Transmits Data
LIGHTimes News Staff

November 18, 2014...Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. based in Kawasaki, Japan, announced that it has development a technology that can embed ID data in light from LEDs or other light sources onto objects. The technology allows a smartphone camera with an app to recover this ID data. Unlike RF related technologies that can go through object in a wide area, data can be conveyed to an individual object. Also unlike RF ID technology, it is limited to line-of-site.

The lighting transmits the data. What is unique about the Fujitsu Laboratory system is that in addition to transmitting the data in on and off oscillations, the data can be transmitted in very small color modulations with the RGB LEDs. Another unique thing about the Fujitsu system is that it does its best to compensate for light being reflected off an object or absorbed to ensure more accurate data transmission.

The system does not apparently use LiFi, but it employs a proprietary method of light-based data transmission that creates tiny color changes that are essentially imperceptible to people, but can be captured with a cell phone camera.

The technology can make RGB-based LED lights act like a location beacon that transmits location data to anyone with a smart device and a camera. This can be combined with GPS or other data transmission methods such as WiFi or Bluetooth.

Currently, the technology is just one-way transmission to a camera. However, in theory at a store, a smartphone app could receive the location data from a fixture, and figure out the location in the store. Then, the app could connect with a server through WiFi. The server could be linked to a database that reveals the smartphone user's ID.

It can also link with information about what the person purchased previously, and what sales are going on for the products that are on the shelves around the person. This technology appears similar to a technology previously detailed by Philips, but it uses color modulations. This Fujitsu technology will be exhibited at Fujitsu Forum 2014, running November 19-20 in Munich, Germany.

Mitsubishi Electric to Unveil World’s Largest High Definition Video Display
LIGHTimes News Staff

November 18, 2014...Mitsubishi Electric Power Products, Inc. announced the unveiling of a Diamond Vision display at 1535 Broadway in New York City’s iconic Times Square that exceeds 4k ultra-high-definition pixel density. The display measures a massive 77.69' by 329.65' for a total surface area of 25,610-square-feet. The display boasts a pixel density of 2,368 x 10,048. Mitsubishi claims that the Diamond Vision display will be the highest resolution LED video display in the world of this size.

The installation will use the company's Electric Diamond Vision AVL-ODT10 large-scale display which provides true 10mm pixel pitch spacing. It employs a 3-in-1 surface mount LED (SMD) that features Mitsubishi Electric’s Real Black™ LED technology. The company was vague about how its Real Black LED technology works.

“With 23,793,664 individual physical pixels a video quality display of this size and density is a milestone in the industry. It exceeds 4k resolution by nearly 15 million pixels,” says Todd Stih, national sales manager, Mitsubishi Electric Power Products, Inc.

Because of the extremely high pixel density and resolution of the display, Mitsubishi Electric supplied a special control system to provide pixel-to-pixel mapping of content and images. The display can be separated into segments to show multiple pixel-for-pixel 1080 HD or 4k images simultaneously. Specifically the company says that the display canvas allows two 4k images to be shown side-by-side, with pixels remaining in the height and width for other content.

The company claims that its Real Black™ LED technology allows for deep, rich black levels and unsurpassed vertical viewing angles in an outdoor LED display product. The company says that Real Black™ LED technology will ensure that Times Square crowds can clearly see the display up close and in bright sunlight.

“The Real Black™ LED technology revolution is just beginning with fifteen other displays using Real Black™ LED technology coming on line in North America over the next few months,” says Stih.

“We have worked on a number of record-breaking projects, but working with this type of pixel density and installing it in a 24/7 live environment presented unique challenges. However, we delivered the display modules earlier than scheduled and due in part to great cooperation and team work with the project team at Vornado Realty Trust, our customer, completed the project on time,” says Mike Brosko, operations manager, Mitsubishi Electric Power Products, Inc.

eMagin Awarded R&D Contract to Develop OLED Microdisplay Backplane Technology
LIGHTimes News Staff

November 18, 2014...eMagin Corporation, a developer of OLED microdisplays and virtual imaging technologies previously announced in the first half of October a total of $6.8 million in new R&D contract awards. Today, eMagin announced that $800,000 of that total is a contract to develop an advanced backplane technology for use with eMagin's OLED microdisplays. Funding for the award is through the US Army RDECOM CERDEC Night Vision and Electronic Sensors Directorate (NVESD) Science and Technology (S&T) Division and Naval Air Systems Command. The $750,000 contract will be executed over the next eleven months.

"This advanced backplane will enable significant performance improvements in the OLED device including more than 30% reduction in power consumption compared to the existing backplane technology," said Andrew Sculley, eMagin CEO. "This backplane program will play an integral part of eMagin's advanced OLED development efforts, complementing our ongoing multimillion dollar R&D projects, including the Defense-wide Manufacturing Science & Technology and Enhanced Ultra-high Brightness OLED contracts."

Design LED to Debut Extremely Thin Backlighting
LIGHTimes News Staff

November 13, 2014...DesignLED Products Ltd is set to launch what the company claims are the thinnest shelf and backlighting solutions. The company based its new product range, which targets signage, shelf, and back lighting applications, on its patented light guide technology.

At just 2mm in depth, the Shelf product family light tile is said to be the thinnest shelf lighting solution available. The new products also include a 6mm in depth luminaire. The lighting units, which are said to be easy to install come in lengths of up to 5 meters. The Shelf luminaires can be connected sequentially with a maximum of 10 driven from a single recommended ECG. The power inlet module has an optional capacitive switch with on/off and three-stage dimming and cable interconnects that allow the luminaires to be daisy chained around obstacles such as shelf mounting brackets.

The company says that its Backlighting and Signage product family is an ultra-thin and efficient solution for backlighting applications. The customizable double-sided system can be cut to specific lengths. According to Design LED, Backlighting applications benefit from the system's world class efficacy in flat or curved formats from the high density 300 x 400mm or low density 300 x 400mm options. The Backlighting modules can be tiled in a zero-width border arrangement for large area illumination and can be trimmed by multiples of the LED chains. The tiling and trimming process reportedly supports backlighting of almost any form factor.

LED Lamp Uses Laser to Monitor Elderly People
SSL Design News Staff

November 12, 2014...A japanese company has devised a smart LED lamp that has added functionality to help the elderly. In September 2015, Union Tool Co of Japan plans on releasing an LED lamp equipped with a laser-based system to help monitor the health of an elderly person, according to an article of Nikkei Technology Online- TechOn!. The system employs an LED lamp with Panasonic's milliwave radar. Milliwave (24GHz) laser-based radar and a wireless LAN chip are embedded in the lighting.

The laser-based system measures the distance between the LED lamp attached to the ceiling and the head, and other parts of elderly person. This distance is used to determine, the person's state of breathing, if the particular person has fallen, or is sleeping, and the depth of sleep. The system analyzes the reflected light from the radar and transmits the results to a server through wireless LAN. The results are then displayed on a computer monitor.

The company held a press conference Nov 10, 2014, to explain the new system. The system can reportedly monitor breathing patterns using infinitesimal measurements of displacement. CQ-S Net, a company dedicated to remote nursing systems, developed the Laser system and obtained a patent for it.

Sylvania Automotive Lighting Adds to ZEVO Aftermarket LED Lighting Line
LIGHTimes News Staff

November 6, 2014...Sylvania Automotive Lighting has expanded of the Sylvania ZEVOTM Automotive LED Lighting line. Sylvania ZEVO products offer the customized style and signature look of LED technology on luxury vehicles for the aftermarket.

Sylvania first debuted it LED-based ZEVO automotive aftermarket product line at the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show in 2013. This year, the company has added to the ZEVO LED product line more mini bulbs for interior and exterior applications, and a 4-inch fog light. The line already includes a unique fog daytime running light, DRL pipe and pixel designs, an LED strip kit suitable for interior applications, and 7-inch round sealed beam replacements. Most of these LED-based automotive aftermarket lights are now available on Amazon.com, with Interior Strip Kits also at Advance Auto Parts, and LED Replacement Lights coming soon.

According to Sylvania, Recent LED technology advances allow for aftermarket products to have the whiteness and brightness that original equipment products are known for, while still being street-legal. The Sylvania ZEVO line includes products that offer vehicle owners easy to install and flexible styling options inside and out.

“As LED applications in automotive lighting continue to become more popular, we’re taking the technology to new levels and giving auto enthusiasts options that help them legally customize their vehicles in head turning, high performance style,” said Brian Noble, marketing manager, Sylvania Automotive Lighting.

Sylvania ZEVO LED product highlights include:

The Sylvania ZEVO LED Replacement Lights are ideal for dome, map and license plate applications, the company says that they allow for easy replacement of dingy, yellow incandescent bulbs with a brighter and whiter light source. With the added new mini bulbs, the company now offers a total of 32 LED replacement lights, with to come out soon.

The Sylvania ZEVO Fog Light, one of the newest additions to the ZEVO line, adds brightness to vehicles with round fog lighting already in place. It has an MSRP of $100.

The Sylvania ZEVO Sealed Beam LED is a 7-inch round sealed beam that serves as a replacement for existing 6014 incandescent and H6024 halogen headlights that are most often on older model cars and trucks. The plug-and-play device offers reportedly delivers a street legal crisp, white light.

The Sylvania ZEVO Fog DRL is the first high performance aftermarket fog light with a “C” shaped lightguide. The light provides a modern LED look that automatically adjusts to conditions. It is fully sealed and tested to meet IP67 standards to withstand extensive weather and washing.

The Sylvania ZEVO DRL PIPE kit offers a light-piped look with 6200K of white LEDs. It automatically adjusts to conditions, and is fully sealed and tested to meet IP69 standards to withstand years of weather and washing.

The Sylvania ZEVO DRL PIXEL kit adds a splash of LED to the exterior of any vehicle with five high-performance OSRAM LEDs in a pixilated look. With a color temperature of 5200K, it fits easily in the fascia of most cars. It adjusts automatically by sensing when headlights are on and is tested to meet IP67 standards to withstand years of weather and washing.

The Sylvania ZEVO Interior Strip Kit is a stylish method of customizing a vehicle's interior. The controllable luminaire can change to 16 different colors by remote control. The lights turn on automatically. They have five lighting modes and come with a 12V car adaptor. With two extension kits available, up to 20’ of LED strips can be incorporated in one system.

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