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Editorial: What Hath Our IoT Lighting Doth Wrought?
... Last time around, "News Staff" offered some tie-together insights on why we might expect lighting to find itself at as the eyes and ears of the IoT. Makes sense. It has a good view of the space, constant electricity (and if not, it's a pretty correctable decision), and we're...
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Welcome to your LED Applications news channel!

The opportunities presented by the increasing rapid adoption of high brightness LEDs, in all their forms and applications, represents nothing short of a "digital revolution" for a previously "analog" world. LEDs are having a substantial disruptive effect on a number of established technologies, and where there is disruption, there is an intense need for information.

LIGHTimes Online is here to serve the information needs of the LED industry supply chain, as well as integrators and non-architectural application solution providers with technology, product and market news updates for these rapidly evolving devices. Our readership also includes LED packagers, technology enablers and service companies seeking the the answers to how best to meet their customers' needs.

For architectural lighting and applications news of interest specifically to lighting designers, specifiers, and architectural lighting decision makers, along with luminaire designers, lighting system integrators and lighting subsystem developers, please visit our sister publication, Solid State Lighting Design.

SSL is booming and the 2011/2012 Summit Series is coming back to keep the message on quality

Launched in 2008, the SSL Summit will bring the quality story to New York City in October 2011, and then back to LA in March 2012. At every one of the Summit events, the feedback remains consistent: Just what we need, do it again soon. The Summit brings together lighting decision makers with industry thought leaders, pioneers, and innovators from the across the solid state lighting eco-system.

Continuing the tradition, 2011/2012 will continue to be all about quality, quality, quality. Showcase participants and sponsors are vetted to separate the wheat from the chaff (have your IES LM-79 test reports ready!). Last year's event in NYC included representatives of over 100 million square feet of developed property, and the one thing we don't want to leave out for 2011 is you! Look into the series information at www.SSLsummit.com for the details. Sponsorships are available for the full series.

Lighting Science and Global Good to Develop LED-Based Alternatives to Pesticides
LIGHTimes News Staff

March 4, 2015...Lighting Science Group Corporation and Intellectual Ventures’ Global Good of Melbourne, Australia, have agreed to collaborate on the development of light technologies for pest control. The joint development effort will combine Global Good’s photonic fence invention and Lighting Science’s light-control technology to produce field-ready prototypes that reportedly provide an environmentally-responsible alternative to chemical pesticides. Lighting Science plans to leverage this development effort to create a new company specializing in efficient and effective pest control products for residential, commercial, and health.

The photonic fence device employs low-cost sensors and laser technology and uses software to identify, track, and eliminate insects. Intellectual Ventures first invented the photonic fence device to address the spread of malaria in developing countries. In addition to its potential for helping global health organizations fighting vector-borne diseases, the photonic fence technology also presents significant applications for agriculture.

“What began by putting the world’s deadliest animal, the mosquito, in our sights with a laser, has opened up new advances in the way we can use light to protect communities and crops from a range of disease-bearing insects,” said Maurizio Vecchione, senior vice president for Global Good and Research at Intellectual Ventures. “For example, the export potential of high-value crops could increase dramatically if a light-based perimeter was available to both monitor and eliminate pests, instead of possibly unsafe or ineffective insecticides.”

Under the research agreement, Global Good will license its photonic fence technology to Lighting Science to manage product development in both vector control for malaria and derivative inventions in agricultural systems. Lighting Science's goal for the collaboration is to commercialize vector control and derivative innovations for agriculture in world markets.

Lighting Science CEO Ed Bednarcik says, “This collaborative product development could drive significant new advances in the intersection of biology and light.” Lighting Science founder and chief technology officer Fred Maxik added, “The transformation of light into a digital technology that can be precisely controlled offers great promise in a number of fields – especially human health and agriculture. Our experience working with NASA and other agencies has shown us that we can improve agricultural output without the use of harmful chemicals.”

Craig Cogut, chairman of Lighting Science and founder and managing partner of Pegasus Capital Advisors stated, “We believe that new applications of LED technology can democratize light, revolutionize incumbent industries, and improve the lives of billions. Collaborating with Global Good will help us to overcome global challenges and ensure that the environmental, health, and agricultural benefits of this transformation are shared globally."

Samsung Electronics Acquires LED Display and Sign Company YESCO Electronics
LIGHTimes News Staff

March 4, 2015...Korean company Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. reported that its has acquired of U.S.-based LED display maker YESCO Electronics. The Logan, Utah-based company produces LED sign and displays boasting more than 2,000 installations across the U.S. and abroad.

The acquisition effectively extends Samsung's technology reach beyond the large format displays employing LCD panels into LED displays and signs for applications in education, retail, hospitality, corporate, and transportation environments. YESCO Electronics was a subsidiary of the Young Electric Sign Company (YESCO), a privately-owned custom sign manufacturer.

YESCO produces LED displays (not including LED backlit or edge lit) that offer energy efficiency and enhanced picture quality. Samsung plans to work with YESCO Electronics to provide durable, reliable, and long-lasting displays targeting varied and extreme conditions.

“By combining the extensive expertise of YESCO Electronics in LED displays with our global network, business experience and world-class R&D team, we further validate our leading position and the value that we bring to our customers as a total solutions provider in digital display,” said Seog-Gi Kim, senior vice president, Visual Display Business, Samsung Electronics.

“The solid relationship between Samsung and YESCO will strengthen YESCO’s position in the marketplace,” said John Williams, CEO of YESCO Electronics. “This acquisition expands the presence of our services and systems across Samsung’s vast global network, allowing a wider range of businesses to offer their customers a more impressive, eye-catching visual experience. YESCO Electronics will offer a broader range of world-class products to the customers as part of the Samsung Team.”

Sharp Eyes Closing LED Production Factory as Part of Restructuring

March 3, 2015...Sharp Electronics Inc. has suffered stiff competition in the electronics market. Severe losses have plagued the company especially in its LCD display and solar panel businesses. As a key part of its restructuring plan, Sharp electronics reportedly plans to reorganize electronic component manufacturing, according to an article in Nikkei.com.

Among the planned business changes, Sharp intends to close the Mihara plant that makes LEDs. While the decision to close the LED production facility is not final, such a shut down would be the company's first closing of a major factory in Japan.

Other businesses such as LCD displays and solar panels, have faced stiff competition. Other potential restructuring measures could include exiting or selling the company's solar panel business, and closing four electronic component plants in Fukuyama.

Iowa Cubs to get Daktronics Display at Their Home Field
LIGHTimes News Staff

February 26, 2015...The Iowa Cubs, a triple-A affiliate of the Chicago Cubs, has selected Daktronics to design, manufacture and install a new LED video display for Principal Park in Des Moines, Iowa. The new display will have 15HD pixel layout. In addition to clear, crisp imagery and deep contrast, the display features wide-angle visibility so every seat can see the best picture. The display, which incorporates robust environmental protection for outdoor use, will measure about 24 feet high by 62.5 feet wide.

"Our new state-of-the-art Daktronics video board will be able to do everything but a backward somersault, pike position," said Iowa Cubs principal owner Michael Gartner. "It will provide more information and more excitement for our fans. They're going to love it."

The displays employ variable content zoning, which allows for one large image or multiple zones to show any combination of live video, instant replays, statistics, scoring information, animations, graphics, and sponsor messages.

"We're proud to be involved with this significant upgrade for Iowa Cubs baseball at Principal Park," said Matt Warnke, Daktronics sales representative. "The confidence the Iowa Cubs have shown by selecting Daktronics says a lot about our industry-proven, high-quality product. We're excited to be a part of this and we are looking forward to the first game showcasing the new display."

Daktronics will also include its Show Control System with this installation. This system grants a combination of display control software, video processing, data integration and playback hardware for user-friendly production.

Philips LED Lighting Installed in Costa Cruises' Ships
LIGHTimes News Staff

February 26, 2015...Royal Philips of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, has completed the upgrade of 10 ships for Costa Cruises. Over 300,000 Philips LED lights were installed, reducing the energy required to power the ships lighting by 60%. Aboard ships, diesel motors generate all of the electricity. According to Philips, the lighting renovation across 10 ships enables total annual savings of 30,000 tonnes in CO2 emissions. The switch to energy efficient LED technology is the latest step towards Costa Cruises’ goal to slash its CO2emissions according to targets it set out in its Sustainability Report published in 2014.

Stefania Lallai, Costa Cruises Sustainability Director, commented, “This initiative between two companies engaged in providing solutions for the mitigation of the impact on the environment represents another step forward by Costa Cruises in the field of sustainability. The lighting project with Philips is an important initiative undertaken to lower the CO2 impact generated by our fleet and to reduce energy consumption on board.”

Philips pointed out that its MasterLED spots and CoreProLED tubes, which were installed on the cruise ships, emit excellent quality white light that does not irritate or tire the eyes. Moreover, the LED lighting lasts longer (up to 40,000 hours.

Back in 2013, Philips completed the relamping of three ships. The lighting of the remaining seven ships completely upgraded by December 2014. Philips is taking part in the LED lighting renovation of Costa Cruises’ headquarters in Genoa, Italy.

“Travel by sea already has the lowest carbon footprint compared to other forms of transport in the wider tourism industry,’’ said Nicola Kimm, head of sustainability for Philips Lighting. ‘’Think of cruise ships as self-contained mini floating cities, powered by their own energy supply. Switching from 50 Watt bulbs to 7 Watt LED technology increases energy efficiency by more than halving each ship’s electricity consumption required for lighting.’’

Agricultural Lighting Company Once Innovations Begins Licensing Patents
LIGHTimes News Staff

February 24, 2015...ONCE Innovations (ONCE), an agricultural and horticultural lighting company, has begun licensing its technology after the company recently filed its 100th patent application. The company currently has 26 issued patents worldwide including patents related to agriculture, horticulture, and lighting.

The licensing program is not for just the patents related to agriculture and horticulture, but also those related to lighting.

ONCE CEO Zdenko Grajcar said, “We are not just another LED company. We are in the agricultural lighting business with a mission to help growers produce more food at lower costs. Our core focus in on the research in areas of animal and plant photobiology and related optogenetics. We feel leveraging our research findings in specialized, biologically adjusted lighting has huge potential in agricultural markets.”

The company has hired law firm, Vincent and Elkins (V&E) LLC, to be their legal counsel related to licensing of Once Innovation's patents.

“ONCE technology is designed from the ground up, based on fundamentally new understandings of what connects living organisms to light. Our patent program is based on the investment of significant capital into research and development. Filing our 100th active patent application is an important accomplishment reflecting the company's ongoing attention to innovation and a candid testament to the outstanding achievements of our R&D team,” commented Joe Hoffman, ONCE General Counsel.

Mr. Grajcar noted that several companies have approached ONCE in recent months inquiring about licensing the company's proprietary line voltage LED (AC LED) and color shift technology outside of agriculture markets.

Everlight Anticipates Growth in Part Driven by LEDs for Automobiles

February 24, 2015...Everlight Electronics chairman Robert Yeh said he expects revenue to grow this year compared to last year’s NT$30.61 billion (US$967.75 million). Yeh indicated that the growth would come from rising demand for LED lighting from business segments including automobiles, according to a Taipei Times article.

Yeh said that Everlight plans gradually shift its focus away from its own-brand fluorescent LED tubes and LED bulbs because of increased price competition. He said the company will shift its focus more toward outdoor LED display products and commercial lighting applications. He noted that the company's commercial lighting and outdoor LED display segments would also face competition from Chinese producers, but Everlight would improve the designs of its commercial lighting and outdoor LED display products to enhance their competitiveness.

Yeh said he was optimistic about the near future of the market for LED applications for automobiles.“I foresee demand for automotive LED applications rising rapidly, so Everlight will put more resources in its automotive LED applications segment,” Yeh said in the Taipei Times article.

Automotive LED products account for less than 5 percent of Everlight’s total current revenue. The company's lighting and backlight segments make up about 40 percent, the company noted.

QD Vision Named Edison Award Finalist for Color IQ™ Quantum Dot Technology
LIGHTimes News Staff

February 24, 2015...The Edison Awards has named QD Vision, Inc., of Lexington, Massachusetts, a manufacturer of quantum dot solutions for displays, a 2015 Award Finalist. The renowned awards, which Thomas Edison’s persistence and inventiveness inspired, recognize ingenuity, innovation, and creativity in products worldwide. More than 3,000 academics and senior business executives across the country judge the Edison Award nominees. Their votes acknowledge the Finalists’ success in attaining the award’s stringent criteria of quality.

“It’s exciting to see companies like QD Vision continuing Thomas Edison’s legacy of challenging conventional thinking,” said Frank Bonafilia, Edison Awards’ executive director. “Edison Awards recognizes game-changing products and services, and the teams that brought them to consumers.”

“It is a tremendous honor that our Color IQ™ technology has been recognized by the Edison Awards judges as innovative and inspirational,” said Seth Coe-Sullivan, co-Founder and chief technical officer of QD Vision. “Our team worked hard to deliver the first commercially-viable quantum dot solution to the display market, where our products are boosting color performance and reducing energy consumption every day.”

At the Edison Awards Annual Gala on April 23, 2015 in the historic Ballroom of The Capitale in New York City, the award winners will be announced.

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